I was blessed to be able to visit with, ask Iris questions and photograph her.  I met her Monday and she allowed me to come back and photograph and talk to her that same week onThursday.

Iris was born, raised and birthed her two oldest boys in England.  She later married an American and moved to the US and had her youngest son.

I asked her a handful of questions and we talked more than I took photos.  In the end, I only took about a handful of photos.

At soon to be 100 she takes the time to knit wool sweaters for underprivileged children and they’re quite amazing!  I regret not asking to photograph her holding a sweater!

She says 21, 22, 23 is a good age to get married.

The questions I asked her are below with her answers.

Her favorite age.

Iris: “Favorite age? Do you know that would be terribly difficult if you knew what I’ve been through?”

In the end she said her favorite age was probably when she first became a mom and had her first son around age 25.

Her favorite memories.

Iris: “Was my son having his first four little girls.” And also taking her son Mike home “for the first time” to England after he had the four girls and reminiscing around England. A year after they came back he had a boy.

What she liked about age.

She has enjoyed watching all the grandkids being born and “to feel that you spread something that is forever” “Being a grandmother, a great grandmother and still being here to enjoy them.”

What she learned from life.

Iris: “You get what you give”

She told about pushing her mom around in her wheelchair during the war.  Her mom had cancer and was dying.  She would push her to see her grandparents “It made me feel good and go out of sight and cry. There’s a mom and dad watching her die…I used to think poor old grandma and grandpa. It was bad enough for me but I felt it was a lot harder for them”and what a blessing it was for her and how sad she was for her grandparents to have to watch their daughter die.

When I asked her if she had anything special she wanted to hold in a photo she said Maggie and asked us to bring her dog Maggie in to be photographed with her.

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  1. Lynn

    It was very nice to meet Iris. Not a very common name, but really pretty! My family came from England too. I also pushed my mom around in a wheel chair the last few months of her life.
    What a blessing to live long enough to see the family grow. She must have been obedient to her parents Because God has given her these years!


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